Weston Commercial Grade Vacuum Sealer Bags

Whether or not you have a Weston vacuum sealer like this one that I adore, you can use their brand of high quality bags. They can be used in FoodSaver, Rival, and other brands of vacuum sealers. Let’s take a look at some Weston commercial grade vacuum sealer bags that you can find easily on Amazon.

Quick Facts:

  • These bags are heavy 3.o mil BPA-free plastic (BPA-free is of course the only kind you should ever use for food storage, prep, or cooking)
  • Two-ply plastic
  • You can cook in these bags using methods like sous vide or microwave
  • Available in various quantities and sizes (pint, quart, and gallon) to meet your needs
  • Durable, commercial quality
Weston 42 Count Gallon Size, 11" x 16" Vacuum Sealer Bags...
  • Two-ply, 3.0 mil Thick, and BPA free
  • Extends food storage time
  • Stored foods can be reheated by boiling in the bag or by placing directly into the microwave (after piercing bag)

The pricing on these bags is better than a lot of other bags I’ve seen, such as these.

These bags are the ones to get if you want commercial quality at a reasonable price. If you do a lot of vacuum sealing these can save you a lot of money while keeping your food nice and fresh for you while in storage.

I like these of course for sous vide cooking but I also like to make up little “boil in bag”-type meals and throw them in the freezer. These can be prepared using a couple of different methods depending on what I have going on at the time. If you’re freezing, do make sure you use a Sharpie and label the bags. I tend to skip this sometimes because I always think I’ll be able to tell what they are. Not always the case as it turns out :/

I personally like and use Weston products because I prefer kitchen stuff that I’ve used before back in my food service days.  I like Weston as a company because they seem more like the real deal than some other companies who seem to just mindlessly be making gadgets. Here’s Weston’s mission statement quoted from their website:

Our mission is to fuel a movement of hunters, gatherers, and locavores with the enduring, well-built products needed for a self-sustaining approach to food. We deliver the know-how to bring those products to life.

I think the North Carolina-based company’s philosophy is a good reason to support them, and I know I’m maybe kind of OCD about companies I like and dislike even when making a smaller purchase like Weston commercial grade vacuum sealer bags. (I also really like this.)

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Or you can just go with Food Saver.

Sous Vide Idea
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