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 Wancle vs Anova – Which Sous Vide Machine Is Better? 

Do you want each meal you cook to be an award-winning dish? Is there a way to cook perfectly delicious food without any effort? Wancle vs Anova


That’s all possible with sous vide. 


Today, the sous vide technique has become very popular in household cooking. Especially now when we’re all told to stay at home. Wancle vs Anova


If you want to try your hand at sous vide cooking, the first step is to get your own sous vide machine. But with all the available sous vide machines, it’s hard to single out one. 


Here, we’re going to compare 2 of the best sous vide machine brands – Wancle vs Anova. We’ll list down each of its features so you can determine which is the one that suits your needs and preferences. 


Wancle vs Anova – A Complete Comparison Between These Sous Vide Machine Brands 

wancle vs anova

There are 7 main features that we’ll mention here. These are design, power wattage, controls, attachment clips, water capacity, water temperature, and options. 


Feature 1: Design


When it comes to the design, the Wancle and Anova sous vide machines are nothing alike. 


Wancle focuses on a more compact design, making the machine bulky. To compensate for that, it has a handle so that it’s easy to hold.  Wancle vs Anova


Its display screen bulges out and curves away. This is to avoid water mist from getting to the display and controls. 


Anova, on the other hand, boasts a very simple design. It’s very slim and has a cylinder shape to it. 


The display screen also has a slight curve, but it can still get misty since it doesn’t bulge out like Wancle’s. 


Now, when you compare both designs, you might notice some advantages and disadvantages. 


The advantage of the Wancle is that it’s handy. Not only in the sense that it’s convenient and useful. Also in a sense that you can easily hold onto it while clamping or unclamping it from a pot or container. 

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However, its bulky size might not be ideal if you have little storage space. 


Opposite to that, the slimness of Anova’s sous vide machines allows you to store it anywhere. Yes, even inside the most jammed packed cabinet or drawer. 


You’ll have a hard time handling it when using it, though, since it’s so slim. 


Feature 2: Power Wattage


When we talk about power wattage, we’re referring to how quickly the machine can heat water. The more power, the faster it is. Wancle vs Anova


Who doesn’t want a sous vide machine that can reach the right temperature in a few minutes, right? Of course, you do, so that your meals will be ready in no time. 


An important thing to note is that the quicker the water heats, the quicker it is to evaporate as well. For high power wattage, you’ll always have to keep an eye on the water levels when cooking. 


Wancle’s Sous Vide Machine offers a power wattage of 850W. Since the average is 750W, it’s much quicker to heat and evaporate water. 


Anova offers 3 power wattage options. There’s an average one at 750W, which takes around 30mins to reach 140°F. There are also powerful ones at 1,000W and 1,200W.


Feature 3: Controls


Probably the most important feature is the controls. How else are you planning on setting and starting it up? Wancle vs Anova


Both Wancle and Anova use digital control displays. Despite that similarity, there are a lot of differences in its controls. 


For one, Anova is all digital. When you turn it on, the display will show 5 controls. There’s a thermometer and clock icon above to switch between the two. 


The lower controls, the plus, minus, and play icons, are for adjusting. The plus and minus buttons change the time or temperature. The play button starts up the machine. 

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Its controls are very straightforward. As if that’s not enough, you can even control the machine from your smartphone! Wancle vs Anova


If you download the Anova app, you can connect the machine to your phone through Bluetooth or Wifi. This way, you don’t have to be there in the kitchen. You can set up the time, temperature, and start it when you’re in the next room. Or, when you’re at your office, if the connection is through Wifi. 


A quick side note worth mentioning. With the Anova app, you get a lot of recipes that already give you the time and temperature needed to perfect it. 


The Wancle doesn’t have all those fancy features. What it does have is a rotating wheel at the side of the display screen. This wheel replaces the + and – icon in the Anova. 


You get better temperature accuracy with this wheel. This is because each small turn adds or lessens the temperature number by 0.1. 


And, it’s much faster to jump from a high number to a low one, or vice versa, by turning a wheel rather than pressing a button. 


Feature 4: Attachment Clip


Next up is the attachment clip. This is what you’ll use to clip the machine to any pot or container. 


The Wanacle uses a long clip that you can open and close through a lever in the handle. The great thing about this type of clip is that it’s compatible with any pot or container. This is because it covers more than half the machine. 


That’s not the case with Anova. Its clip is rather short, meaning you’ll have to find a pot or container that has the right height. The good news is that Anova offers other sous vide machines that have adjustable clips. 


As for the clip itself, it’s more like a clamp. It’ll take some time to turn it open and close. 


If you’re wondering what’s easier to install, it’s the Wancle

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With one hand, you can press the lever in the handle to open the clip, place it in position, and release it to secure it. The Anova always needs both hands, one securing the machine in place and the other turning the clamp shut. Wancle vs Anova


Feature 5: Water Capacity 


You can’t expect your sous vide machine to heat more water than it’s capable. This is why you should know the water capacity before using it. 


The water capacity of the Wancle is 5 gallons. For the Anova, you can choose a sous vide machine that can heat 5 gallons, 5.5 gallons, or 26 gallons! 


Feature 6: Water Temperature


Which sous vide machine brand can reach hotter temperatures? 


Again, Wancle has only one option. Its water temperature begins at 77°F up to 211.8°F.


With Anova, you’re given 3 machine options. The first machine’s water temperature is 32° to 197°F… Another one ranges from 32° to 198°F. Finally, there’s one that can go from 32° to 210°F. 


Both offer high water temperatures that’ll allow you to cook any dish you want. The average temperature to cook a perfect steak is only 145°F. 


Feature 7: Options


Finally, we get to the options. How many machine options are there from the Wancle and Anova brands?


The Wancle just offers one kind of machine. 

wancle vs anova


Anova has more options with 3 different machines. 


There’s the Anova Nano… 

anova vs wancle - sous vide machines


Anova Precision Cooker

wancle vs anova


And the Anova Precision Cooker Pro.

With these 3 options, you can pick the power wattage, attachment clip, water capacity, and water temperature you need. 




Now that you know the differences between Wancle and Anova, it’s time to answer the question. Which is better?


Neither. Both are great and come with their advantages and disadvantages. It’s up to you to look into each feature and decide which one suits your needs and preferences more. 

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