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The 5 Best Sous Vide Machines

Do you want to be able to cook a 5-star restaurant meal in your kitchen? If yes, then you should invest in the best sous vide machines in the markets today.

Now more than ever, cooking your own meals is ideal, what with being stuck at home and restaurants closing. For some, this can be a burden. For others, a fun challenge.

Either way, a sous vide machine is perfect for you. It not only allows you to prepare professional dishes but also do it effortlessly.

If you plan on buying one, it’s important to know what you’re getting. Here, we’ll help you out by listing what you should look for and reviewing the 5 best sous vide machines today.

So let’s get started! best sous vide machines

What to Look for in a Sous Vide Machine

What determines the title “the best sous vide machine?”

Is it the most expensive one? The one that most people buy? Or what about the one that has the most advertisements?

All those factors can have a say on what you choose to buy. However, the main concern should be that it fits your needs and preferences.

This is why it’s important to know what you should look for.

best sous vide machines

There are 7 things to look into. Power wattage, controls, attachment clip, flow rate, water capacity, water temperature, and connectivity.  best sous vide machines

The power wattage is what brings the water temperature up. The more powerful the wattage, the faster it is to heat up. But also, the quicker it is for the water to evaporate.

(Here’s one good example of buying according to your preferences. If you want your meals cooked in a jiffy, a high powered wattage sous vide machine is for you. If you plan on cooking for hours, then a low powered wattage is a better option so water evaporation isn’t so quick.)

The controls are for setting up and starting your sous vide machine. Some units don’t have buttons and rely on a smartphone connection to control it.

Then there’s the attachment clip. Unfortunately, a lot of sous vide machine buyers overlook this feature.

It’s actually so important. If you don’t get one with the right height, it’ll be pretty useless as you won’t be able to clamp it onto your containers or pots. You can find sous vide machines with adjustable clips, though. best sous vide machines

Up next is the flow rate or GPM (gallons per minute). This determines how fast the water moves around. Like the power wattage, the stronger it is the quicker it heats the water. The difference is that it works to maintain that heat until the food is cooked to perfection.

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The water capacity is how much water it can heat. It’ll also have minimum and maximum water levels engraved on the sides of the machine. If the water goes below or above the levels, the machine will shut down.  best sous vide machines

The water temperature is how hot the machine can go. This is important to look into because what if its max heat isn’t enough to cook some of your dishes?

Finally, there’s connectivity. Does it connect to your smartphone through Bluetooth or Wifi? This isn’t necessary but it’ll make controlling the device so much easier.

So these are the 7 things to look for when finding the best sous vide machine for you.

The 5 Best Sous Vide Machines

We’ve said that the factor in determining the best sous vide machine depends on you. Still, it’s a good idea to review some of the top ones. The best ones according to others.

This way, it’ll be easier for you to find the one you’re looking for.

1. Best for Beginners: Anona NANO Precision Sous Vide

best sous vide machines

Anona NANO is a great choice for anyone cooking sous vide for the first time.

As a first-timer, you might feel daunted by the whole sous vide cooking technique. You’re still not sure how it all works using the sous vide machine.

The reason why the NANO is perfect for first-timers is that it’s very straightforward. It also uses normal rates of power wattage, temperature, water capacity, and flow rate.


So there’s no need to worry about water evaporation, if the water space is enough, and all that.

And, you probably don’t want to invest so much money on it since you’re still trying it out.

Good news! The NANO comes at a reasonable price, so you won’t have second thoughts on whether it’s worth it or not.  best sous vide machines

Not only that, but it also has an app with thousands of available recipes.

Not sure what to sous vide? Simply scroll through the recipes in the Anona App, pick an award-winning dish, and master it in one try.

The machine comes with its own control buttons, but you can choose to manage it through your phone. Just note that, since it uses Bluetooth, you’ll have to be at a certain range to do that.

best sous vide machines


2. Most Simple Design: Breville Joule Sous Vide

best sous vide machines

If you compare the Joule to other sous vide machines, it looks small and simple. But that’s exactly what it was designed for.

With its size (11in) and weight (1.3lb), you can easily store it in your kitchen drawer or bring it with you during travels. It also has a very slim and sleek body.

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But don’t let its simple looks deceive you. You can get a lot of great sous vide features out of this machine.

Let’s do a quick rundown of all its special features.

The base is magnetic. So even if its fixed clip can’t fit in your metal pot, you can still use it by sticking the magnet to the bottom of the pot.

It can connect to your phone through Wifi. It doesn’t matter where you are, if you have a Wifi connection, you can control the machine. Also, anyone using the same Wifi network can watch and manage it on their phones.  best sous vide machines

The Joule app is your greatest friend. You can type in your cooking temperature, or you can choose from a selection of temperatures for any dish. There are even pictures to show you the outcome of each dish with the temperature you select.

It’s important to note, though, that the Joule works with 120V outlets only. This is because it has a precise heating technology that can get damaged with voltage transformers or converters.

best sous vide machines


3. Most Affordable: Instant Pot Accu Slim Immersion Circulator

best sous vide machines

What if you really want a sous vide machine but are on a low budget? Accu Slim is one of the cheapest you can get.

It’s easy to think that, since it’s so much cheaper than the others, it won’t be consistent in cooking perfect dishes. That’s not true at all.

You can enjoy restaurant-quality dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every time. This is because its immersion circulator maintains even and accurate water cooking temperatures. This allows the flow rate to be consistent for 10 minutes or 72 hours!

However, we all know the familiar saying, “you get what you pay for.” In this case, you’ll be missing out on a lot of special features. There’s no app for free recipes, you can’t connect it to your phone, etc…

To set it up for cooking, it uses a touchscreen digital control. This might cause a few worries. What if the display screen is too small to read or what if my thumbs are too big for the controls?

This is why the head of the Accu Slim bulges. To make the display easy to read and the controls easy to push. Its design was very carefully thought of.

It might not have all the bells and whistles of a sous vide machine, but it’s cheap and does what it’s supposed to do.  best sous vide machines

best sous vide machines


4. Best for Restaurants: PolyScience Sous Vide Professional

best sous vide machines

If you own a restaurant, it’s best to use a sous vide machine for consistent and delicious dishes. If you do, you should get one that can withstand the high demand of restaurant cooking.

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PolyScience Sous Vide Professional has features for that.

With its powerful wattage, you can heat the water very quickly. The water flow is also strong, maintaining the temperature for even quicker cooking.

It’s amazing how much this machine can cut down cooking time. You’ll be able to serve the dishes to your customers right away, leaving them satisfied with the food and service.

Not only that, you’ll be able to cook many of the same dishes in one go. This is because the water capacity reaches up to 8 gallons. That can fit about 16 steaks!

And, you can be sure your food is always delicious. It has a very precise temperature system that gets it right each time.

What’s even more amazing is that you can cook almost anything in it! From meats, fruits, and vegetables to cocktails and custard desserts.

It’s a manual machine, though. Meaning there’s no app, Wifi monitoring, or set cooking times and all those other features.  best sous vide machines

You create the recipes while it does the cooking.

Don’t think that this is only for restaurants. If you love cooking for a huge crowd, this is a good choice of sous vide machine for you.

best sous vide machines


5. Most Compact: Wancle Sous Vide Cooker

best sous vide machines
This Wancle Sous Vide Cooker machine is one of the best sous vide machines because of its compact and efficient design. Not to mention its awesome features.

It has a handle for easy one-hand installation. There’s a curve on the display screen so that the control panel won’t get misty. It can attach to almost any pot. These are a few of its efficient designs.

For features, there are 2 major ones. The ultra-accurate temperature control and ultra-silent twisting pump.

It has a rotating wheel that’ll give you a temperature accuracy of 0.1. This wheel also allows you to jump from low to high temperatures in seconds. No more need to keep on clicking a plus button.  best sous vide machines

The ultra-silent twisting pump maintains the right temperature without making any noise. You won’t be bothered or disturbed by the constant buzzing sound. The only sound it makes is the beep to warn you that your food is done cooking and ready to enjoy.

best sous vide machines


There you have it. That was the 5 best sous vide machines in the markets today.

Whether you’re an amateur or professional, a sous vide machine will provide great help in the kitchen. You won’t overcook or undercook another meal ever again!

So when searching for the best sous vide machine, keep in mind what to look for and what’s good in the market and reviews. You’ll soon be able to find a sous vide machine that works wonder for you.

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