reusable sous vide bags

 The 4 Top-Rated Reusable Sous Vide Bags

Are you plowing through ziplock after ziplock? reusable sous vide bags


Every time you cook sous vide meals, another ziplock is used and thrown?


It’s not even only during sous vide, even when you store food and leftovers in the fridge and freezer.


Buy, use, throw…


Buy, use throw…


Will it ever end?


It can make you feel very wasteful. Not to mention, what all that thrown plastic is doing to the environment!


The good news is that there are now reusable sous vide bags.


It is these that’ll solve the problem.


And here, we’re going to help you get your hands on the best ones in the markets today. We’re going to talk about the 4 top-rated reusable sous vide bags. reusable sous vide bags


The 4 Top-Rated Reusable Sous Vide Bags – a Detailed Review of Each Product


When looking for a good reusable sous vide bag, there are a few questions you should ask…


What material is it made from?


How many times can I reuse it?


Is it easy to clean?


What’s the size?


How can I remove the air inside?


What accessories come with the package?


All these questions will lead you to the best reusable sous vide bags. We’ve had these questions in mind when selecting the 4 top-rated ones.


So let’s get to it! reusable sous vide bags

reusable sous vide bags

Most Affordable: ASYPS Sous Vide Bags

If you’re still new to reusable sous vide bags, you probably don’t want to spend much on it.


You want to try it out first…


reusable sous vide bagsWith ASYPS Sous Vide Bags, you get 15 reusable sous vide bags for a very affordable price! The best thing about this is that there are 3 different sizes.

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You can use the smaller bags for chopped vegetables and meats…


You can use the medium and large bags for whole vegetables or sliced meats…


You also get 2 zip clips. These clips make sure that the bag seals tightly. For even better security, the seal has a double zipper. reusable sous vide bags


You don’t need to worry about it tearing.


Its thick, textured, BPA-free plastic provides great durability to the bags.


You’re getting a lot more than what you pay for!


As expected, it does have a few downsides. reusable sous vide bags


The biggest one is that it needs a hand pump or vacuum machine to remove the air inside. You need to have one ready in your kitchen to make good use of these reusable sous vide bags.


Another downside is that it can’t be used for liquids…


…it shouldn’t be used for high temperatures…


…you shouldn’t submerge it in water because of the air valve…


ASYPS Sous Vide Bag Chart

Material Reuses Cleaning Size Vacuum Accessories

Thick, textured, BPA-free plastic





H: 8.27in W: 8.66in

H: 11in W: 10.24in

H: 13.39in W: 10.24in

Air valve:

hand pump or vacuum machine


15 bags,

2 zip clips


Most Accessories: SousBear Sous Vide Bags

If you want to get the most value out of your money, though, choose SousBear’s Sous Vide Bags.


It comes with a lot of accessories to make your sous vide experience easier.


What can you expect in the package?

reusable sous vide bags30 reusable sous vide bags. Every 10 bags come in a different size. This is perfect for any kind of dish you want to prepare. reusable sous vide bags


1 hand pump. This will allow you to suck the air from the bags’ air valves. Also, there’s no more need to look for a compatible hand pump.


6 zip clips. These are very important for sealing the bag tight. You don’t need to worry if you lose or misplace one because you have a whole bunch of it.


4 cooking clips. Want to keep the bags in place in the water bath? Want to make sure the air valve doesn’t go under the water? Use these 4 cooking clips to clip the bags to the pot or container.


What about the bag itself?


The bags are very high-quality and durable. You can even use it for freezer storage, microwaves, and high sous vide temperatures.


SousBear Sous Vide Bag Chart

Material Reuses Cleaning Size Vacuum Accessories

100% BPA-free food-grade plastic





H: 8.2in W: 8.7in

H: 11in W: 10.2in

H: 13.4in W: 10.2in

Air valve:

hand pump or vacuum machine

30 bags,

1 hand pump,

6 zip clips,

4 cooking clips


Most Environment-Friendly: Stasher Sous Vide Bag

Sure, reusable sous vide bags help the environment…


…still, it’s plastic and you’ll have to throw it away after a while….


If you want zero waste, then check out Stasher’s Sous Vide Bag.

Instead of plastic, it’s made from 100% non-toxic platinum silicone. In case you’re unsure about its safety, there’s no BPA, no PVC, and no latex.


Your food is safe from contaminants.


It’s not only environment-friendly because it’s not made from plastic. It’s also because you never have to throw this bag away!


You can use it for as long as you like! About 3,000+ uses! Talk about reusable!


Another great thing about its materials is that… reusable sous vide bags


…you can use it in a microwave…


…you can clean it in a dishwasher…


…you can store it in the freezer…


…you can use it in an oven….


…you can put it in boiling water…


You can use it for whatever, it won’t get damaged.


It doesn’t stop there. Stasher Sous Vide Bag has its own pinch-lock seal.


To remove the air, press it out and pinch the seal closed. That’s all you need to do to make it airtight and ready for sous vide.


If there’s one downside to this reusable sous vide bag, it is that it’s expensive. You only get 1 bag for the price.


Stasher Sous Vide Bag Chart

Material Reuses Cleaning Size Vacuum Accessories
100% non-toxic platinum silicone 3,000+x Handwash, dishwasher H: 10.25in

W: 8.25in



1 bag


Most Secure: Savour Sous Vide Bags

Savour Sous Vide Bags are one of the only plastic bags that you can submerge in a water bath.


You don’t need to clip the top to a pot or container anymore.


Usually, plastic sous vide bags don’t have anything to seal the air valve. This is why submerging is not possible. The water will rush inside and ruin the food.


This sous vide bag has a seal cap that can shut the air valve tight, too.


Put the ingredients inside the bag…


…attach the included snorkel to the air valve’s vent…


…place the bag in the water…


….wait for the snorkel to remove the air from inside the bag…


…when all air is removed, snap the seal cap over the vent…


…submerge the bag in the water and wait for it to cook.


The great thing is that you don’t even need a hand pump or vacuum sealer for this!


What else makes it secure? Its water-tight seal for the opening and its reinforced edges.


It’s so secure you can use it for high sous vide temperatures, as well as the cold of a freezer.


One downside is that all the 16 bags are the same size. It’s a large size, though, so that’s not a problem unless you’re cooking a tiny serving.


Savour Sous Vide Bag Chart

Material Reuses Cleaning Size Vacuum Accessories
BPA/BPS-free food contact plastic  


Handwash, dishwasher H: 13in

W: 11in


Vent with snorkel

16 bags,

6 snorkels,

16 seal caps




So these are the 4 top-rated reusable sous vide bags in the markets today!


Get one now and you never have to feel guilty about throwing away so much plastic and hurting the environment. You’ll also avoid buying another pack of ziplock bags again and again. reusable sous vide bags

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