sous vide whole chicken

Sous Vide Whole Chicken – A Tasty Recipe

There is nothing worse and dull, like dry chicken. This is why you should now think of switching to the sous vide whole chicken recipe, a savory oven-roasted chicken with crispy skin and seasoned with lip-smacking cayenne, thyme, garlic, and a touch of dry paprika rub. It is a warm homely dish and its leftovers can as well be used for another meal.

It will be the tastiest recipe that you will ever make. Therefore, if you have been looking for a seamless path to help you make an utterly delicious Sous Vide whole chicken, you have finally found it. With a 10minutes prep time and 6hours cook time, the results are worth every second sacrificed to give you, your family, friends, or guests a smile on their lovely faces.

Pro Tip: Have a probe thermometer even before you start cooking. Alternatively, you can use a sharp knife to cut into the thorax gently. If its juice runs clear without having any red, then the chicken is done!


• 1 Whole chicken (around 5 pounds)

• 2 tbsp. of unsalted butter

• Fresh cilantro for serving


For the dry rub

• 2 tsp. paprika

• 2 tsp. kosher salt

• 1 tsp. cayenne pepper

• 1 tsp. dried thyme

• 2 tsp. ground black pepper

• 1/2 tsp. garlic powder

sous vide whole chicken

Sous Vide Whole Chicken Recipe

Preheat water to 150°F using sous vide precision cooker. This temperature not only makes the chicken moist and tender but also brings out its stringiness. The 150°F is the temperature that is preferred for chicken intended to be served cold.

Make the dry rub for your chicken by mixing the Kosher salt, paprika, cayenne pepper, ground black pepper, dried thyme, and garlic powder on a big plate.

Coat the chicken with the dry rub that you had earlier made. Mix the ingredients of the dry rub on a large plate. Then, prepare a Ziploc bag or a large sous vide bag by gently folding the bag back over itself to make a hem. This prevents chicken seasoning from spilling to the ends of the bag which can interfere with the condition of the seal or give vectors for contamination. Set this aside.

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Pop the chicken into a wide sous vide bag then vacuum-seal it. Place this chicken on a plate and gently rub the mixture on every side of it. If there is some excess paste of the dry rub mix, carefully sprinkle this excess inside the chicken.

Plunge the bag into a prepared water bath then set the timer for approximately 6 hours. Lower the bagged chicken into a preheated water bath and ensure the whole chicken is below the waterline. If you are using a Ziploc bag, gently lower the bagged chicken into the water bath while allowing the water pressure to press out air through the top part of the bag. After most of the air has been pressed out of the bag, cover the bag right above the waterline and cook for around 6 hours.

Depending on your preferred aromatics and the flavor of your dish, you can optionally add some aromatics in the Ziploc bag. The aromatics can be some tarragon sprigs, ginger slices, scallions to get a cold Asian salad or lemon wheels to get a creamy Western chicken. Even while doing this, be sure that you avoid having excess liquids that will make you flavor the liquid with the chicken instead of the vice versa. Also, keep in mind that when some spices are added to the bag, they intensify in flavor.

After cooking the chicken, transfer it onto a large plate then pat it dry. Flicker it on a stove. When you are done, remove it from the water bath then transfer it onto a large plate. Use paper towels to pat it gently. Put aside the cooking liquid that comes from the bag and you can optionally use it for serving or if you want a flavorful chicken stock or chicken soup.

Heat a cast-iron skillet over high heat. Melt some butter and sear it on the entire chicken until the skin becomes crispy and golden brown for about 5 minutes.

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Serving Suggestions

The sous vide whole chicken can be served immediately. However, there is no problem allowing it to cool on a cutting board when your guests are still making their way to the dining table or when you are getting your side sauces and dishes ready, the choice is yours. You can serve the Sous Vide Whole Chicken with any of the below suggestions;

• Fresh cilantro to taste

• Some vegetables around the whole chicken and put onion puree in a separate dish

• Buttery garlic, roasted veggies, and mashed potatoes

• You can as well keep things simple by serving the chicken with steamed asparagus

If you are looking for a charming sous vide chicken recipe, this Sous Vide Whole Chicken is worth your attention and concentration. Do not mistake the Sous Vide Whole Chicken recipe with the poached whole chicken recipe. The former is simple to make; you only need to coat the entire chicken with the dry rub, put it in a bag, place it in a water bath then come back to check on it after six hours. In the latter, you will need to add broth to the sous vide bag before placing it in a water bath.

The sous vide-style for cooking whole chicken involves a tradeoff. Cooking the Sous Vide Whole Chicken requires a vacuum sealer or a plastic bag and a precision cooker in addition to the necessary tools to achieve a delicious eatery. The sous vide cooking rules out the idea of making a pan sauce as you will not develop too much fond – the browned pieces that are left at the bottom of the pam when meat is seared – when crisping up the sous vide whole chicken skin.

Enjoy this easy sous vide whole chicken recipe. Have a fantastic cooking time and enjoy the work and results of your hands!

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