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Sous Vide Machine – The Process of Using One

Most of us have gone to a restaurant for the excellent tasty food. A good number have also tried making the so-named “good” food at home and flopped entirely. When this happens, we are left wondering what kind of magic it is that they use. Thing is, chefs in these restaurants don’t use the traditional methods of cooking we are used to at home. This is why the food doesn’t taste the same. The restaurants, apart from different ways of cooking, also have appliances that we’ve not yet thought about using. We presume they are only for use in the high-end restaurants that we occasionally visit.

One of these machines we are talking about is the sous vide machine that helps in sous vide cooking. Sous Vide cooking refers to a process of cooking proteins by sealing them in an airtight bag and vacuum sealed and cooking them in a water bath that is heated to a precise temperature. The water will heat at the set temperature consistently, never rising or falling below what has been set; this temperature is what the meat will cook in until it is ready; this means this a slow-cooking process.

Chefs will marinate the meat while it’s in the sealed bag and dip it into the water as it is with the marinade.

The Process of Using A Sous Vide Machine

sous vide machinePour an amount of water into a pot, dip the sous vide machine into the water, and use the clipper on it to clip it onto the pot such that it is completely upright in the water. Depending on the control system, your sous vide machine uses, set the temperature that your food needs to be cooked on, and place your bag of meat into the pot of water and leave it to cook. Remember when the meat is sous vide cooked will come out succulent as it has been brewing in its juices and marinade, tender and with a lot of flavors since there wasn’t direct and high heat in the cooking process and it had also been sealed. However, when the meat is finally done, it comes out looking grey without any golden and crisp exterior as most people prefer it. Therefore once you are done cooking sous vide, it is advisable to finish off the cooking process by either placing your meat on the pan or grilling it to get the results you want.

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There are varieties of sous vide machines that have come to market in recent years. Previously, only high-end restaurants and chefs were the only ones who used theses devices. They were big and expensive. The recent souse vide machines have been reduced in size, and the prices are very affordable for home use. The machines are also straightforward to use, as mentioned above. Depending on the make and manufacturer of the device you choose, they all use different ways of operating. Some are cordless and work using mobile apps completely. Others use cords that are then connected to a power source to operate. The companies Anova was the first one to manufacture. They released home usable and affordable sous vide and others followed. Here are examples of some of the sous vide machines in the market for home use.

Monoprice Strata Home Sous Vide Immersion Cooker 800W

This machine is excellent for someone who is learning and has just started sous vide cooking. It is retailed nearly half the price of the other cookers in the market. It is not as fancy as Breville Joule but it holds its settings just right and gets the job done great. The Monoprice is also not as advanced as it doesn’t have any wireless connection; therefore, it cannot be controlled with an app through Bluetooth, and it is louder than other cookers. The great thing about it is that it gets to the set temperature quickly and holds the settings properly.

Anova Precision Cooker

This device is one of the sous vide machines that use Bluetooth to operate. One needs to have the Ana app on their smartphone where all the precision temperatures can be set through. It doesn’t rely solely on the app, though, as there are controls on the cooker itself that you can use to control it. The Anova cooker is very accurate, and this is crucial as it will enable you to cook meals that require strict precisions.

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Sous Vide Precision Cooker Pro

This machine is the newest model from Anova and also the most expensive one. It has a detachable clamp that ensures it works great in any cooking pot depth. The Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker Pro has a full screen that is very sensitive to touch. It can also connect to the Wi-Fi, which makes it useful to use with the Anova app. It heats the water bath to the temperature set in record time and holds it very well. The app provides cooking guides and recipes that are great for first-time users.

Immersion Compact Sous Vide Pod

This machine is a much smaller and more silent of the Gourmia models. The machine also is one of the lowest-priced devices in the market, but that doesn’t mean that it works any less than the others, it still gives you great results. It is quite straight forward and very easy to use, and it heats the water bath on the quick side.

There are many options out there to choose from when it comes to sous vide machines. Whether you opt for the most expensive or the cheapest model in the market, the sous machines will generally give great results once used. Choosing to either use a device that uses an app or deciding to go for one that is not wireless is entirely up to you.  Let’s get excited about learning new cooking techniques, new cooking machines and devices. This will keep our pallets guessing and excited about what we make next. Enjoy your sous vide cooking!


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