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Mellow Sous Vide Review: Convenient Features Worth the Price?

The Mellow Sous Vide Machine precision cooker is unlike other sous vide machines out there right now. It is a version of a water oven-style machine in that it is a self-contained unit, as opposed to an immersion circulator that requires you to find a cooking vessel.

Mellow Sous Vide Machine Review

The Mellow design is interesting because it combines one thing I like about the immersion circulator, which is a clear cooking container so you can see the food. I like using a Cambro plastic container with an immersion circulator like the Anova or better yet, the sous vide superstar, the Joule.

Most water oven sous vide machines don’t give you the visibility that you get with the Mellow sous vide machine.┬áSo that’s one benefit that stands out. I mean come on it’s kind of fun watching food cook in a sous vide water bath.


My #1 Mellow Sous Vide Price-Worthy Feature

Another feature that makes the Mellow unit stand out from the pack is its ability to let you set and forget while you go to work, etc. and then come home to deliciously cooked food. This is one problem with sous vide cooking, the ability to get food done on say a weeknight. The Mellow unit offers a solution.

Ok so here’s why this machine is great.

If you’re super into things like proper food handling like I am, and I hope you are, then you’ll appreciate the refrigeration feature of this machine.

It will keep your food refrigerated at an appropriate temperature and then automatically start the cooking process according to what you’ve programmed.

The refrigeration feature involves either using its automatic chill setting or putting ice in the vessel.

So if you want to leave your food in a safely cold temperature before you leave for the day, you’ll have to factor in the unit’s cool down time before you put your food in there. Or add enough ice.

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You don’t want to put your food into room temperature “danger zone” environments so don’t skip the step of letting the water come to a safely cool temperature.

The Mellow will keep your food at safe temperatures in all stages of pre-cook, cook, and stay warm, so you don’t have to worry about being in the danger zone.

It holds 3.2 gallons of water and will allow you to cook three or four portions.

Like many other sous vide machines, the Mellow machine comes with an app so you can connect it to your smartphone. You can control the cook while you’re not home, so if for example you have a programmed cook set up and it turns out you’re going to be late, you can make adjustments on your phone. Nothing like being able to remotely adjust your dinner schedule.

Based on anecdotal evidence it seems that the price of this machine has dropped substantially since it was first introduced. At the price it’s listed at right now, I would definitely put this on my shortlist of sous vide units to consider, especially if you intend to utilize the chill feature.

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