A Look at the Gourmia GSV550 9 Qt Sous Vide Water Oven Self-Contained Cooker

The Gourmia GSV550 9 Qt. Sous Vide water oven cooker is a good entry-level sous vide machine of you are looking for the water bath style rather than an immersion circulator.

This Gourmia unit has a 9 Qt. capacity with a timer, which means this machine will allow you to easily cook without even having to be present throughout the entire cooking time, so you could drop in the food and go walk the dog, head to soccer practice, or just take a nice long nap. It has enough space for cooking an entire meal for several people.

The maximum temperature on the machine is 194 degrees.

Special Features of the Gourmia GSV550 9 Qt Sous Vide Machine

The machine is fairly compact, which is great for those of us with smaller kitchens because not only will you be able to make just enough food, but the machine can easily be stored anywhere in the house without taking up too much room.

You could go to work all day and when you come home, your food will be warm and can simply be dished up and enjoyed. Nice!

The machine can be set to a maximum cook time of 72 hours and the unit will regulate the temperature to keep it as close to ideal as possible and allow your food to be cooked evenly and beautifully. The LED display will make it easy for you to toggle the features and there is also a rack included that will allow you to add multiple different bags of food without them crowding against or into one another.

The lid is multi-functional and instead of just being a lid, you can remove it and place the rack on top, this will these serve as a drip tray and your counter will be protected from the hot water. Then all you have to do is wait for your food to cool a little and then enjoy.

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  • Self-contained unit is the size of a bread machine, eliminating the need to purchase multiple components to get started
  • Attractive brushed stainless steel exterior
  • Holds temperature reliably within one degree
  • Good-sized capacity of 9 quarts
  • Includes rack for neatly placing food pouches into for efficient cooking
  • Audio alerts let you know when temperature is reached
  • Built-in timer with a range of 30 minutes to 72 hours
  • Easy to operate
  • Transparent lid allows you to monitor the cooking process


A small but significant percentage of users report having trouble with the unit operating properly. Many have said that this sous vide machine flashed error codes on the LCD screen right out of the box. Others say it worked fine for a while and then suddenly started having trouble heating. Another problem reported is the water circulator function will cease to operate over me.

These are all problems that would render the unit useless for sous vide cooking.

About 80% of reviews at this time are 4 or 5 star ratings, so odds are good that you will have no trouble. You may, however, wish to invest in a unit with a more reliable track record such as this affordable water oven style machine made by Aobosi.

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