Cambro Sous Vide Container Review

Cambro Sous Vide Container Review

Before, the sous vide cooking technique was only used in 5-star restaurants. Thousands of people pile in to taste the delicious and perfectly cooked dishes. Cambro Sous Vide Container Review


What if we told you, you can have the same 5-star restaurant dish, right at your kitchen? Today, the sous vide technique has reached personal kitchens. This is all thanks to the availability of sous vide machines and sous vide containers.


If you want to try your hands at sous vide cooking during this quarantine, you’ll need the best products.


Here, we’re going to review one product that’ll make your sous vide experience so much better and easier. We’re going to direct your focus on the Cambro Sous Vide Containers.


Why Are Sous Vide Containers Important – 4 Reasons Why It’s Better Than Using a Pot


With sous vide cooking, it’s easy to see why you need the actual sous vide machine. However, it’s a bit more difficult to see your need for a sous vide container. Because why not use one of the pots in your kitchen, right? Cambro Sous Vide Container Review

Cambro Sous Vide Container Review

Well, we’ll give you 4 reasons why not.


1. Sous Vide Containers Have Lower Heat Conductivity


The basis of sous vide is submerging ingredients in a water bath with a specific and consistent temperature.


If you use a pot, the metal will conduct the heat. The result? The water temperature will be inconsistent with what you need.


But if you use a sous vide container, the heat stays in the water. This is because of the special plastic or polycarbonate material it uses. These materials have low heat conductivity.

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2. Sous Vide Containers Are Transparent


It’s always best when you can see your food while it’s cooking, especially with the sous vide technique. You don’t want to always have to fish out the sealed bag to check on it.


Because sous vide containers are transparent, you can see your food cooking and you can tell when it’s ready. And this is without having to do anything but look at it through the container’s walls.


3. Sous Vide Containers Have a Better Shape


To secure a sous vide machine onto the container, you’ll need to clamp it.


If you think about it, clamping something onto a circular pot is not going to be easy. You’ll have to find the perfect angle. Cambro Sous Vide Container Review


Sous vide containers are either rectangular or square. As you can guess, this makes it much easier to clamp a sous vide machine to it.


Also, it’s easier to submerge sealed bags in a rectangular or square shape rather than a circular one.


4. Sous Vide Containers Are Energy-Efficient


Finally, you’ll be able to cut down on your electricity bill if you use sous vide containers. Who doesn’t want that? Cambro Sous Vide Container Review


As we said, pots conduct heat. In turn, your sous vide machine will have to work harder and use more energy to keep the heat consistent.


With sous vide containers, your sous vide machine won’t have to work as hard and so can save more energy and money.


Cambro Sous Vide Containers – Why It Exceeds All the Other Sous Vide Containers


If you’re convinced about sous vide containers, it’s wise to get the very best one in the markets today.


Cambro has been manufacturing top-quality kitchen supplies ever since 1951. It’s no wonder then that their sous vide containers are one of the best.


But you might be wondering why it’s considered one of the best. Why does it stand out among the other sous vide containers?


Here are 5 reasons why. Cambro Sous Vide Container Review

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1. Cambro Sous Vide Containers Last a Lifetime


If you’re an avid sous vide cook, you might worry that the container will crack under so much constant heat. And certainly, there are many sous vide containers that go sooner or later.


Not Cambro Sous Vide Containers, though.


It’ll be able to last a lifetime, without a single damage to it, because of its high-quality material. It’s made from polycarbonate instead of the more common strong plastic.


If you look into polycarbonates, you’ll find that it’s a very sturdy and durable material. As well as a shatterproof material. Cambro Sous Vide Container Review


This is why you can be sure that Cambro Sous Vide Containers last a very long time, a lifetime even.


2. Cambro Sous Vide Containers Prioritize Safety


You might have one BIG concern. Isn’t BPA, an industrial chemical, found in polycarbonate? Doesn’t BPA seep into food while heated and cause all kinds of health problems?


To put your concerns away, Cambro makes sure all their container products are BPA-free. So even at high temperatures, there’s no chemical to seep into the sealed bags, into your food, and into your body.


What’s more, Cambro Sous Vide Containers are NSF, National Sanitation Foundation, approved.


Because Cambro prioritizes safety, it tops all other polycarbonate sous vide containers.


3. Cambro Sous Vide Containers Don’t Mind the Heat


You need to make sure sous vide containers can withstand the temperature of the food you’re cooking. You don’t want to go over the recommended heat of the container.


Big chunks of steak need around 129° to 134°F to sous vide. Cambro Sous Vide Containers can withstand heats up to -40° to 212°F.


That’s more than you need to sous vide any kind of dish. In other words, you can use Cambro Sous Vide Containers for whatever you want to sous vide.


4. Cambro Sous Vide Containers Are Suitable for All Households


All households are different. There are small houses and big houses. Small families and big families.


It doesn’t matter what your household is like, Cambro Sous Vide Containers are for you. Why? Because it comes in a variety of sizes.

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Cambro Sous Vide Container Review

If you’re cooking for a big family, Cambro’s Camwear Box is a perfect size. Its rectangular shape allows you to fit in around 3 full sealed bags. Its water capacity is 4.75gal.






Cambro Sous Vide Container Review

If you want a smaller size, go for Cambro’s Camwear. It’s a square container that can easily fit in corners. So even if you don’t have much kitchen space, you’ll be able to find somewhere to place it.



What’s more, it comes in many sizes. You can choose from 2 quarts up to 22 quarts tall.


With Cambro Sous Vide Containers, there’s one for everyone.


5. Cambro Sous Vide Containers Come With Improvements


Cambro Sous Vide Containers are great in itself. But you can improve it even more by buying other Cambro products that go with it.


The 2 best ones are the lid and container sleeve.


When you sous vide, you want to prevent water evaporation. The best way to do that is to cover the container with a lid.


Good news! Cambro has manufactured great lids for all their sous vide containers. With inner and outer seals, you can shut these lids tight.


If you own a 6 or 8 quart Camwear, this polyethylene lid is the perfect fit. Because of its rubber-like material, it’s collapsible, allowing you to open it halfway. Not only that, it’s so easy to cut a hole to fit your sous vide machine through.


Cambro Sous Vide Container ReviewYou can find many other lids in the Cambro website to fit whatever Cambro Sous Vide Container you own.


If you don’t want any heat escaping, wrapping your Cambro Sous Vide Container in a sleeve is a wonderful idea. This will also protect the surface of your kitchen counters or tables. Not to mention it quickens the time it takes to reach the needed temperature.


Cambro Sous Vide Container Review
Here’s a great sleeve that can fit the 12 quart Camwear. It’s made from neoprene, a high-quality and aesthetic looking material.



Check out all the other Cambro products to see how you can improve your Cambro Sous Vide Container.



You can find sous vide containers that are durable, safe, stand high temperatures, come in many sizes, and have helpful products. But hardly will you find one that provides all 5 in 1.


Cambro Sous Vide Containers provides it all.


This is what makes it the best of the best. You won’t regret getting one at all for your sous vide cooking.

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