6 Best Things to Sous Vide

Sous vide cooking is a healthy and fun way to vary your meals for the week, add a showstopper steak to a dinner party, or use as an everyday cooking method. There are some foods that are perfectly suited to sous vide cooking while others are better cooked the old fashioned way.

Here are some of the best things to sous vide, and a few foods to avoid.

Best Things to Sous Vide

sous vide salmon
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Meat is the main thing most people want to use the sous vide method for, but some veggies also come out great this way. When you’re cooking meat, make sure you have a good thermometer to take internal temperature readings. It’s really important with sous vide cooking.

Here are some options for the best things to sous vide.


We’ve written about asparagus here before. Our asparagus experience with sous vide, even on the first try, definitely exceeded our expectations. The spears came out juicy and perfectly tender but not at all mushy.


Get some lovely Yukon Golds or some rainbow-colored fingerlings and go to town. When you sous vide potatoes, they just come out so perfectly tender and creamy. If you love potatoes this might be your new jam.

You can eat them right out of the pouch or you can throw them into a hot skillet to crisp them up a little, but either way, sous vide potatoes are a go.


Salmon is perfect for sous vide cooking. It’s come out perfectly tender, moist, flaky, and flavorful, and it’s pretty easy to do it. You can sous vide salmon with a basic sous vide setup. It’ll take about an hour, and once it’s out of the water bath you can just give it a quick sear and you’ll have a killer piece of fish for dinner.

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Steak is one of the classic best things to sous vide; it’s possibly the reason you got started thinking about sous vide cooking in the first place. When you sous vide a steak, you’ll get a perfectly cooked piece of meat that is just how you like it all the way through.

Instead of being cooked with those gray-ish edges, you’ll get a steak that’s the perfect shade of pink all the way through. Once it’s out of the pouch just give it a sear and boom, done. Perfect steak every time.


You can get beautiful sous vide chicken breasts every time. No more dry chicken, no more rubbery chicken, just get your sous vide time and temp dialed and you’ll have perfect chicken breasts every time.

There’s a range of temperatures you can cook the chicken to, depending on your preference, ranging from 136 to 147 degrees F. Most people will prefer it somewhere in the middle. After it’s done, you can sear it or just eat it straight from the bag.


Sous vide eggs are divine, and also really easy. You can just drop eggs right into the water in their shells, no need to mess with vacuum or Zip Loc bags for sous vide eggs. If you like nice creamy eggs then this is something you should try.

Worst Things to Sous Vide

It’s fun to test out new sous vide ideas and I definitely don’t want to discourage you from experimenting… but just to save you a little time and effort, take note of these foods that can come out pretty unappetizing.


Yep it’s one of the best foods but if you don’t do it right, it’s just plain gross — it can come out slimy and weird. Make sure you use a hot enough temperature, say 165 degrees F.

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Fin Fish

Major texture problems here. Avoid.

Check out our sous vide temperature guide for more detail on cooking specific foods.

Sous Vide Idea
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