Sous Vide Ideas is an informational website written by Carrie Mill. Mill is an avid home cook and fan of the sous vide cooking method. She’s been a stay-at-home-mom, a small business owner, and a writer in the last decade.

Currently, Mill explores different aspects of sous vide cooking including the best sous vide machines, sous vide recipes, sous vide bags, and all about the best vacuum sealers. Mill is interested in helping home cooks get into this fascinating cooking method by sharing her experiences — good and bad.

Sous Vide Ideas does not sell any product or services. You will find honest, fair reviews and product recommendations that bring a small income stream to the site. However, the site will never link to products without presenting an unbiased opinion at the same time.

Mill says, “I got into sous vide because of seeing competitors on Top Chef a while back using this technique. I’d never seen it before and I was intrigued.  Sous vide is great because it works well with my clean eating guidelines (not a strict diet per se…just some guidelines I try to follow) and the results are delicious. And it’s fun. I hope site visitors can pick up helpful information that will serve to ease their way into trying out sous vide cooking.”

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Sous Vide Idea
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