A Look at the Sous Vide Supreme Vacuum Sealer SVV-00300

I’m going a little crazy with looking at vacuum sealers lately because as I’ve said elsewhere, it seems like vacuum sealers are really the weakest link in the whole sous vide process. Unless you happen to luck into buying a really good one. And the thing is, it’s not luck. You just have to do the research and probably spend a few bucks more than you’d like to. Let’s get into the Sous Vide Supreme Vacuum Sealer SVV-00300 in just a second, but first…

What Could Go Wrong with a Vacuum Sealer?

You may be wondering what all these vacuum sealer issues are about. What is it that makes a bad vacuum sealer. Well the issues are numerous, but just off the top of my head, many vacuum sealers:

  • Quit working after a very short lifespan (a year or less, sometimes days)
  • Don’t work at all right out of the box
  • Don’t make good seals
  • Stop being able to vacuum
  • Work, but only very slowly and with a couple of tries

Who needs that kind of hassle. Seriously we have enough stuff to handle that’s out of our control so why add a lousy vacuum sealer to the list if you can help it. And you can. So lets move on to the details of the SousVide Supreme SVV-00300.

SousVide Supreme Vacuum Sealer, SVV-00300
  • Easy to use method of preparing sous vide meals
  • Multiple settings for vacuum or basic seal
  • Seals food efficiently to keep it fresh longer

I think it’s safe to say that I will not be recommending this vacuum sealer. Here are 20-plus one-star reviews for you to consider.

I mean just about any product has one-star reviews because of a fluke issue or whatever. That happens all the time. But this vacuum sealer has 38% one-star reviews as of this writing. But in the interest of fairness let’s go over some of the features and benefits of this unit.

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SousVide Supreme SVV-00300 Overview


It has multiple settings such as more delicate sealing for fragile items and a moist setting. It has a sleek design. The vacuum channel is well-designed for catching liquid overflow and easy cleaning. It’s easy to find bags that are compatible with this unit. The height of the vacuum sealing platform makes it easier to keep liquids contained in the bag since you place the bag at an angle. Although it really doesn’t work well with liquids as it turns out so that feature is moot.


I mean, where do I start. Customers have had tons of problems with this unit failing right out of the box, after a few days, or after a few weeks. I am writing this as someone who has NOT used this unit. I was going to give it a shot but the reviews made me decide against getting involved with it. I believe I dodged a bullet with this one.

Need a Vacuum Sealer? Look Elsewhere

I’ll be honest, there are much better choices out there. I would look at this Weston unit which is not much higher priced, or go with this Nesco sealer which has a lower price-point than the SVV-00300. If you want to spend more and get a really good one then I would suggest this Weston Pro-2300 Commercial Grade unit.

There you have it, I hope this article has saved you some frustration!

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