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10 Foods You Had No Idea You Could Sous Vide

The world is now quite literally your oyster. The pearly shellfish is the star of our ten foods you had no idea you could sous vide.

We’re here to prove that sous vide bags really are your bags for life. We’re going to do away with the obvious and go for the unusual.

Sit back and let your mouth water. Put our list of ten foods firmly on your radar. You’ll soon see why cooking sous vide offers diversity as well as taste.

1. Shucking Made Simple

Oysters are made for sharing. Their briny liquor and firm flesh, along with a reputation for making you amorous, are a must-have for any romantic dinner. The only thing is they’re a devil to open. Not any more.

Use sous vide to shuck oysters without even actually cooking them. Blanching these shellfish for a couple of minutes in water at 140 °F / 60 °C  will make them easy to open.

Not only that but you’ll wind up with your favorite seafood looking fleshy and firm. Wave goodbye to the battle to break into the nectar of the sea.

2. Mashed Potato

You’ve had your dose of protein. Now’s the time for some comfort food. There’s no better place to start than with the humble potato. Let’s get mashing.

Boiling potatoes the traditional way means they’re going to absorb moisture from the water.

Cooking your potatoes sous vide means they’re only ever in direct contact with milk and butter. This means when they’re cooked they’ll have more taste and a fuller flavor.

3. Yogurt

Making yogurt sous vide will not only yield a great tasting product, but it’s also going to save on your supermarket bill.

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To make yogurt, you’ll need to heat milk mixed with a little yogurt for the right length of time and at the correct temperature.

The great thing about the sous vide method is that you’re in control of the heat. This makes for the best culture growth that’ll produce mouth-watering yogurt in no time.

4. Burgers

Really? Oh yes. Once you’ve tried burgers sous vide you’ll never go back. Barbecuing is fun and social. If you’re the host though you don’t want to be stuck behind hot coals flipping burgers backward and forwards.

Dropping your homemade patties in the water for fifteen minutes will get them evenly cooked for a perfect result. You’re now free to do a bit of socializing before you sear your juicy burgers up on the grill.

5. Kale

No healthy diet is complete without kale these days. Kale has become king. Low in fat and carbs, it’s also one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet.

Using sous vide, it’ll cook in about ten minutes. You’ll never have to worry again about overcooking this popular superfood.

Your gently cooked leafy greens will stay lovely and chewy. This makes them the perfect accompaniment to soups and pasta. Sous vide is great for cooking vegetables.

6. Eggs

Making the perfect poached egg is not easy. Why not use sous vide? There’ll be no need to stir and no trickiness getting your eggs in and out of the pan.

The accuracy of sous vide means you can decide how you want your eggs to turn out. You can even prepare scrambled eggs at the same time or perhaps some sous vide hard boiled eggs to make sandwiches with for later.

The great thing is you won’t have to waste time monitoring your eggs after you’ve put them in your circulator. And, while we’re on the subject of eggs, did you know you can even make delicious egg-nog sous vide? Oh yes, you can.

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7. Custard

Wave goodbye to the risk of curdling. Making custard in your water bath takes away the stress and strain. You can now create a light and silky custard without stirring. And it’s also going to be curdle-free.

Experiment away with European style custardy treats that’ll have your mouth watering and dinner guests begging for more.

8. Flavored Oils

Not only do these taste great but they can also make perfect gifts when presented in a beautiful bottle.

Flavored oils are really easy to make and cooked sous vide can take around three hours to perfect. The secret lies in the precise, low-temperature, sous vide process.

What you’re left with is a product that is full of flavor and that’s also going to stay tasting great for months. Flavored oils are a great addition to your kitchen. They can spruce up a salad dressing or add some zing when drizzled on vegetables.

9. French Fries

These are the ultimate guilty pleasure. Who can resist a french fry that’s crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside?

You’ll need to cook sliced up potatoes sous vide with an equal quantity of brine. This should take about fifteen minutes. Once done, lay them out separately on a rack to drain and dry. It’s important they don’t touch.

You’re now ready to fry. Cook them in the oil for about five minutes. For extra richness, allow them to cool, vacuum pack and freeze them. When you need them, fry them again in hot oil straight from frozen for just over a minute and a half.

What you’re left with is a golden crunch on the outside and a fluffy mouthful of deliciousness on the inside. They’re irresistible.

10. Sausages

These are the ideal accompaniment for your french fries. Sausages can though be prone to burning on the outside or being undercooked on the inside.

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If you prepare sausages sous vide they’ll be cooked to perfection and juicy. Sous vide will deliver a sausage that’s moist and mouthwatering.

If you want to give your sausages that authentic look, then you can quickly put them under the grill for a few moments before serving.

Quality Sous Vide Units

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